How to improve or increase WordPress website loading speed?

Today everyone wants that their website gets a higher rank in SERP(Search Engine Result Page), as this is the best way to drive higher organic traffic.

But website loading speed plays a vital role in getting a higher search engine rank on Google and other search engines and it is also required to have a faster website in terms of User experience.

So, here I am going to talk about How to increase WordPress website loading speed? I would talk about all the options available to help you with WordPress website fast loading.

There are a lot of features available on the WordPress platform that can help you with Page Speed Optimization, but you should know the correct way that solves your query “How do I make my WordPress site load speedy?

Most of the people who are beginners and recently start using the WordPress platform, need to read the post attentively, so they can get aware and can be familiar with the features available to help them speed up their website.

We also would talk about what is the way to use these features and what are the important points you have to keep in mind when you are using the following elements supportive of WordPress website fast loading.

Improve WordPress Website Loading Speed in 5 Easy Steps

Going through all the options step by step can help you with faster loading of your WordPress website. But before this a quick guide on how to perform a website speed test.

The free tool Page Speed Insights provided by Google can help you with a website speed test. Check the video below if you want a practical video on how to perform a site speed test.

So here are the steps that could help you in making your WordPress website fast loading.

Compress Image

Images play a key role in the website to make it look good, thus the number of images we use on our website is difficult to strictly low. If the Image size is high then it takes more time to load when someone opens up the website.

So, it is required that we compress all the images while we are uploading them on any of our websites. This helps you in reducing the image file size, and compressed images would not take much time while open.

Compressed images also have a great chance that they rank on Google Image Search and get your topic in front of your users.


There are so many people available whose budget is low, you can create an amazing website at a very low cost, but for hosting, sometimes it is hard to manage good quality hosting on a lower budget.

Hosting plays a vital role in loading the website, and it is advised that you migrate to quality hosting if you want to increase the website loading speed.

If you invest in low-priced hosting when you start, and now you have huge traffic on your website, then it is a great idea to invest in quality hosting service to avoid low website speed as this is the matter of user experience that is most important for the people visiting your website.

This also helps you in getting higher security for your website data.

Use Plugins

A website creates a lot of cache files and if they didn’t get deleted on time, they can take up lots of space in storage, resulting in the low speed of the website.

If your website is created using WordPress, then you can get benefitted from a variety of available cache plugins, and with the help of these cache plugins, easily you can delete those cache files which are lowering your website load speed.

Almost all the available cache plugins on the WordPress website are free to use and you don’t need any subscription to buy them.

If you want the list of cache plugins, that are best to use on your blog, do mention them in the comment section and I would provide you with names.

Update WordPress Version

As you might be aware that promptly, WordPress always shares an update to its version, and most of the time, people ignore updating to the recommended updated version by WordPress.

But if you take the recommendations seriously and update always to the newer version of WordPress, trust me it has so many benefits, and the website loading speed is one of them.

WordPress websites or any other CMS have bugs from which we are unaware and WordPress always works in the backend to fix those bugs that can affect our blog website negatively, by updating to the newer version, we can fix those bugs, and it also helps with our website load speed.

So always keep this in mind, whenever WordPress suggested modernizing your website through the shared latest version, update it on a priority basis.

Delete Comment, Trash Pot

If a massive number of comments are pending on your WordPress blog website, or there are deleted posts stored in the trash section of your website, then without delay you need to delete them completely. 

When you delete a post that is no longer needed it didn’t delete permanently instead it is stored in your trash bin, you need to delete it forever as it can reduce the website loading speed badly.


In this post, I tried to share multiple ways that can help you speed up your WordPress website loading speed, hope this post help you achieve the website load speed and subsequently it would enhance your website user experience that is most important to get rank on SERP.

Take action on the communicated steps and share in the comment section of this blog that what amount of load speed increases after following all these steps.

If you face any difficulty or even after taking action on all the shared steps, your website loading speed is still low, you can contact us using the contact form available on website or can share in the comment below.

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